Artificial Sun? – “are we playing god”

In about 1930, the concept of nuclear power generation was achieved by small groups as the first wave of the reactor generation. After 1951 reactor generated electric power was achieved by the same group of scientists. This method is based on nuclear fission technology, which will be explained briefly.

At the same time, the concepts of the artificial sun were discovered and at the beginning of the 1940s scientist began to research. This method was based on nuclear fusion technology, which also will be briefed in the article. So before the Artificial sun, let’s find out the differences between fission and fusion.

splitting larger atom into two or more smaller onesJoin two or more lighter atoms into a larger one
Large energy is released7 times much energy than Fission
Higher radioactive wasteLow radioactive waste
Core Temperature(300 Celsius)Temperature is enormous(150 Million Celsius)
 Lower costHigher cost 
comparison between Fission and Fusion

A nuclear fusion reactor is called an Artificial Sun due to the enormous heat and power it produces. Also, the fusion is called as Holy grail of energy, it is what powers our sun. There are still problems that have to be solved before using fusion energy in the real world. Theoretically, fusion is trying to replicate what happens in the sun. but the type of fuel available to use on Earth is hydrogen isotopes, which have larger atoms. Also, the high pressure in the sun’s core cannot be replicated in the Earth. Due to these problems, the required temperature to achieve fusion in Earth is about 150 Million degrees Celsius which is higher than even the sun’s temperature, 87 Million degrees Celsius.

Also in these higher temperatures, the fuel atoms become a plasma state that is needed to contain until starts the fusion process. These are still under research state, while South Korea’s company made this miracle happen for about 20 seconds.

Latest News

  • South Korea’s company (KSTAR) obtained plasma from Hydrogen at exceeding 100 Million degrees Celsius while making a new world record. Various sources say it shines for 20 seconds at 100 Million degrees Celsius temperature. This gave the silver linings for the 20th century tough riddle, is about to crack.
  • China’s Atomic Energy Authority tested their fusion reactor for the first time in December 2020 and says it lasted for few seconds. This is also called as an important achievement of the field of science. China is looking to tap energy from fusion by 2050, amid the incoming global energy crisis.

Sun is the main power source of the earth and the life on earth. Almost everything depend on the sun. In the journey of acquiring more and more power, what will this artificial sun do to human kind? are we playing god?

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