Do you like to draw like an Artist? Then use Google’s new feature

How is your drawing skills? 😉 mine is not good enough. But Google has done a creative experiment to recognize hand sketches and suggest better drawings. This is done by machine learning techniques which will be explained in coming articles. But for now, only you need to know it is some kind of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) which can identify your sketches and analyze better drawings for them.  Let’s see the basic steps of using this feature. And you can access to Autodraw from here.

Only you need to start doodling then Autodraw will suggest you the sketch that you are going to do. It is very easy. There is a drawing tool, color picker, type tool, shape tool, fill tool and you only have to select tool for your use and just draw in a way you can. Finally, download the drawn sketch as a PNG file or share.

This is some kind of magic tool that you can use for day to day sketches. if you have any questions please comment below.

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