UltraEdge and Hawk-Eye technology in Cricket

In past, there were many accusations that umpires for being biased or giving wrong decisions in occasions that were not easy to catch from the eye especially when caught from behind or LBW (leg before wicket). But newer technology has solved this problem up to a considerable extent but still, it is not perfect.

What is UltraEdge and Hawk-Eye?

Early stage Hawk-Eye system was introduced to Test cricket and it had 5mm accuracy of tracking path of the ball. In present, the accuracy has become less than 2.2mm and much-needed technology in cricket. This latest innovation is called as UltraEdge. Hawk-Eye was used to predict the path of the ball so it only used vision technology produced by six or more cameras linked to a computer system. But UltraEdge uses both video and audio inputs and detect whether batman hit the ball or pads did. Because of this new invention not only cricket also the world biggest sports such as football, basketball, rugby, tennis has got the benefit of conducting fair games.

UltraEdge review moment

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